Make Up Tips

“Where do I even begin?” might be something you ask yourself when looking into your cosmetics bag, or in your makeup drawer, or when you take a look at the plethora of eye shadow colors on our website. You are NOT alone! It can be hard to know which eye shadow colors go together, or how to make the most of the colors you have! It can even be intimidating looking at a long list of colors, without having a starting point.

We’ve created a starting point! 2 words: COLOR Combinations.

We’ve taken some time to look at our colors, and have now come up with a wide variety of color combinations for you! There will be more to come – we’ve just scratched the surface. There are 3-4 colors in each combination, and you can use them as follows: 1 highlight, 1 base color, and 1 contour color. Or 1 highlight, 2 base colors, and 1 contour. Or 2 highlights, 1 base color. Or 1 highlight, 2 base colors. Or 1 highlight, 1 base color, and 2 contour colors. Do you get it now? Options! So, be intimidated no more!

NATURALLY YOU - This chart has a variety of “natural” looks. These are more “every-day” combinations that work for any occasion and create a natural, yet enhanced, look.

FREE SPIRITED -  These combinations are appropriate for every-day wear, but with a bit of extra whimsy!

TROPICAL BREEZE -   This chart is full of bright and beautiful colors, grouped together to create fun, but simple, looks!

DARK and MYSTERIOUS - These dramatic colors are not a thing to be feared! Dark and intense eye shadow is so beautiful when applied properly.

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