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Keep the Green  in your "Jeans" your natural products from Only Green "Genes"!!   You know that everything you put on your body is absorbed into it, so why settle for products filled with toxins?   We have made it our mission to provide you with the safest, chemical-free, natural product options available at affordable prices!  Safe for you, your wallet and the environment!  We have done the label-reading so you don't have to!  We pride ourselves on choosing products that are Made in Canada whenever possible and avoid the dirty dozen in their ingredients list.  


We will continue to evaluate new product lines and add to our vast amount of available products.  Our hope is to be your #1 shopping stop for all things GREEN!

For our MEDICINE HAT customers who wish to pick up their orders, please use Coupon Code medhat once you get to the PAYPAL checkout screen and have your shipping total calcluated.  This code should credit you back the $12 shipping fee.

For our USA customers - please note we are currently only shipping Routine De Odor Creams and Pure Anada products to the U.S.   We apologize for the inconvenience and may consider other products in the future.